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CPE Support Specialist

San Ramon, CA
Amick Brown LLC is seeking an experienced candidate to provide CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) support for a large Telecommunications company in a Lab environment.

Required Skills:
  • Knowledge of OSI Layers 
  • Knowledge of various routing techniques
  • Routing protocols like MPLS, RIP, OSPF, BGP, ISIS, etc
  • Networking protocols like SNMP, DNS, LDAP, etc
  • Routers, switches, firewalls, wireless, VPN concentrators, and visibility infrastructure, including ALU 7450 and 7550 routers and switches, Cisco CRS, Juniper MX series devices, and Arista switchers as cloud fabric, etc.
  • OPNET, Wireshark, SystemView
  • UNIX socket programming
  • Python scripting
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Networking or related field required
  • Telecommunication industry background required
  • CCNA desired
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Monitor various systems for incoming work requests:
  • Group email box: IT issues/defect support
  • Direct email: special activation/troubleshooting
  • Setup of Uverse/IPDSLAM test scenarios for FIE, UAT, E2E and PIE emulating a customer premises connection.  Making, verifying, and troubleshooting the following connections:
  • RG/modem
  • Wired/wireless STBs
  • Television
  • CVOIP phone
  • Wired/wireless HSIA
  • Farm CPE connections using in-house built tools
  • Use physical cross connect system to connect RGs to DSLAM ports
  • Use layer 2 switching network to connect STBs to RGs
  • Use video switch to connect TVs to STBs
  • Use monitoring station host to remotely connect to any RG
  • Troubleshoot unsuccessful activations:
  • Act as the first line of support for testing issues.  Hand off issues to SMEs as needed.
  • Cabling  using meters and test equipment
  • Hardware: CPE, DSLAM, switches, routers.  Analyze configuration and logs.  Open/track vendor firmware bugs.
  • Software: Mediaroom database (SMT), EMS (SAM, AMS, CMS).  Analyze configuration and logs for northbound APIs.  Open/track vendor firmware bugs.
  • Validate customer services:
  • Voice (inbound/outbound, 911, voicemail, CLIMS/USP differentiation)
  • Video (SD, HD, IPTV apps)
  • Internet (individual and combinations of Carrier Grade NAT [CGN], Static Port Forwarding [SPF], IPv6 rapid deployment - 6RD)
  • Engineer OSI layers
  • 1-2 Physical/signaling/authentication (xDSL, xPON), Radius, ARP tables, VLAN/VPLS
  • 3 DHCP, routing protocols/route tables, subnetting
  • 4-7 QoS, application, DNS
  • Perform and analyze packet captures
  • Tunnel provisioning in ALU routers, SDP, Epipe, etc
  • Utilize Wireshark tool for packet analysis, Ixia and Iperf traffic generator
  • Configure and manage Virtual Private Network, including L2 VPN and L3 VPN

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